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St. Timothy’s is a faith community with a rich worship life, where the total person is engaged in the worship of God: mind, body, and spirit. Sight, sound, scent, movement, silence, joy—these are just a few of the robust ingredients used. Such worship is both ancient and modern because—like the Gospel—it is essentially timeless.

Because St. Timothy’s does not seek a narrow and always-changing form of relevance, it is able to embrace heaven and earth in its most important offering–the worship of God. The mystical and the practical, the communal and the personal, all find a unifying authenticity here. That unity reaches out beyond worship into our relationships and actions because authentic worship is always relevant.

The first time many people experience worship at St. Timothy’s, they often report a sense of how rich an experience it is. That richness is an invitation to a lifetime of growing, learning, and loving. We believe God became human in Christ, putting God firmly in our world of experience. Worship is the same. Consider coming and experiencing it yourself in person.

This film, recorded some years ago by a writer/director who grew up in the parish, records parts of the Great Vigil of Easter (our principal Easter service), with its particular ceremonies, as an indication of the ideals of worship, beauty, and community we continue to hold at St. Timothy’s. Special thanks go to Zeek Earl, who made this film.