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+ Holy Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at 8 AM and 10 AM. The 10 AM service is also shared via Zoom for those who are physically unable to attend in person.

+ Wednesdays there is an in-person Holy Eucharist at 10AM, using the traditional-language rite. This service is followed by tea and conversation in the parish library.

+ Current masking policy: All persons may wear a face mask as a health tool. Some persons (especially those in higher-risk groups) should wear a mask. However, no one must wear a mask. The parish provides good quality face masks for those desiring them. 

+ We have an upgraded HVAC air handling system to maximize the safety of our indoor environment.

+ We encourage vaccination for all eligible persons to prevent communicable disease at church or elsewhere.

+ Please contact the parish office for more information, and to be added to our Zoom invitation lists.


Palm Sunday
8 AM: Blessing of Palms & Holy Eucharist (spoken)
10 AM: Palm Procession & Holy Eucharist (sung)

The 10 AM service begins with the Liturgy of the Palms in the Parish Hall, with Palm Procession to the Nave, followed by the Dramatic Reading of the Passion Gospel of St. Matthew and Holy Eucharist. This is a “hybrid” liturgy: both in-person and online.


Monday & Tuesday in Holy Week
7 PM: Ante-communion, followed by confessions

We will not celebrate the Holy Eucharist during the period from Palm Sunday until Maundy Thursday. On these two days the evening service will be the first part of the Eucharist, including the readings for these days, but ending after the Lord’s Prayer.


Wednesday in Holy Week
7 PM: Tenebrae

Tenebrae, a service of shadows and darkness expressive of the gradual desertion of Christ by those around him, marks a decisive turn in Holy Week and serves as a contemplative portal into the mystery of our redemption which will be our focus in the coming days. This is a service unlike any other in the Church Year and forms the entrance into the heart of Holy Week.


One Liturgy Spread over Three Days

All Episcopalians are to join together for worship if physically able to do so. (Main services in underlined bold text)


Maundy Thursday
7 PM: The Maundy Thursday Liturgy
Prayer Watch following until Noon Good Friday

The first part of the service, which does not conclude until the end of the Great Vigil of Easter, this service commemorates Christ’s command to love each other as he has loved us, and his commandment to “do this in remembrance of me” by sharing in the Holy Eucharist. The Holy Sacrament is then removed to the Chapel and the altar is stripped in recollection of Christ’s arrest and being mocked. We then leave in silence as the lights are lowered.

The Prayer Watch at the Altar of Repose in the Chapel now begins, lasting until noon Friday, in remembrance of Jesus’s words in the garden of Gethsemane, when he asked his disciples to spend an hour in prayer with him. Parishioners sign up to take an hour in prayer in the chapel before Christ in the Holy Sacrament. A member of the parish will be at the church all night to let people in and walk them to their cars.


Good Friday
Noon: Stations of the Cross
7 PM: Good Friday Liturgy

The Good Friday Liturgy is the most solemn service in the Church Year. Its starkness points to the truth of both human brokenness and God’s complete identification with us in our need. The highlights are the Great Silence at the start, then the reading of the Passion Gospel according to St. John, the Solemn Collects (intercessions for all humanity), the bringing out and veneration of the Good Friday Cross, and the Communion from the Reserved Sacrament, brought from the Altar of Repose in the Chapel. Once more, we leave in silence.

Good Friday is marked by as complete a fast as health allows, from sunrise until at least 3 PM, the traditional hour of Christ’s death upon the cross.


Holy Saturday

10 AM: Little Tomb Service of the Burial of Christ

The morning service is a short, spare gathering at the now-denuded altar where we hear of Christ’s hasty burial and contemplate his lying in the tomb, even as God the Son has descended to Hades, there to liberate those long held by the Evil One. A glorious sermon from the very early Christian period is read and prayers for those who have died are offered.

Easter Eve
Saturday, 9 PM: The Great Vigil of Easter,
followed by the Agape Feast

The Easter Vigil is the heart of our life as a parish and as a people. It is our main Easter service. It must be experienced, not explained, but it consists of the lighting, blessing, and sharing of the New Fire, the great song before the Paschal Candle (The “Exsultet”), the readings of the Old Testament prophesies, Renewal of Baptismal Vows, the Proclamation of the Resurrection, the great Easter Homily of St. John Chrysostom, and the First Eucharist of Easter. This is the high point of the entire Church Year. The Vigil is followed by a grand feast in the Parish Hall, to which all are invited. Come and see!

Easter Day
11 AM: Holy Eucharist (said, with hymns)
A “hybrid” liturgy: both in-person and online.

The Easter Day Eucharist at St. Timothy’s is quite a bit simpler than the Vigil. However, it is a joyous celebration and includes the beautiful, ever-new account of Mary Magdalene meeting the Risen Christ in the garden. With this Eucharist, our celebration of Easter Day concludes…but the Great 50 Days of Eastertide has just begun.


+ Stations of the Cross are held every Friday evening at 7 PM during Lent. Join us for the Litany of Penitence from Ash Wednesday and short readings from Blessed Julian of Norwich.


+ Palm Sunday: March 24
8 AM: Blessing of Palms & Holy Eucharist (spoken) 
10 AM: Palm Procession & Holy Eucharist (sung). 

+ Monday, March 25 & Tuesday, March 26
7 PM: Evening Prayer
+ Wednesday, March 27
7 PM: Tenebrae Service


One Liturgy Spread over Three Days  (Main services in bold text)
+ Maundy Thursday: March 28 
7 PM: The Maundy Thursday Liturgy 
Prayer Watch following until Noon on Good Friday 
+ Good Friday: March 29
Noon: Stations of the Cross 
7 PM: Good Friday Liturgy 
+ Holy Saturday; Easter Eve: March 30 
10 AM: Little Tomb Service of the Burial of Christ
9 PM: The Great Vigil of Easter, followed by the Agape Feast 
Easter Day: March 31 
11 AM: Holy Eucharist (said, with hymns)

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Word from the Rector...

Through the Squint

When visiting ancient parish churches in Europe one occasionally comes upon a Hagioscope--a means for a person outside the church building to look into the chancel in order to view the liturgy.  These outdoor viewers are occasionally referred to as a "leper's squint."  Such "squints" allowed a person unable to enter the church building due to illness to join in, at a distance.

As most of you know by now, Pamela and I both came down with Covid last week (not contracted at church, so don't worry). This is our first time with this disease, and we have both come through it well, with a minimum of side-effects, thanks be to God. Many of you have stepped in and helped--especially Fr. Bryant, who had to take on a number responsibilities suddenly and has served us all well.

Last Sunday Pamela and I "attended" worship at St. Timothy's via Zoom. I've often joked with people that online worship is the modern equivalent of "the leper's squint," and it did have something of that feeling to it--separation yet participation; being there and yet not. I did learn a few useful things during "Zoom church," however:
  • The audio is much better since the recent upgrade in sound technology (thanks, Jeremiah!)
  • Having a Zoom offering is now a normal part of parish life, no longer simply a pandemic left-over; it is perfect for times of sickness, travel, or other weighty reasons.
  • Announcements mean more when you are stranded at home, somehow
  • The practice of Spiritual Communion is a true means of experiencing God's presence and remains one of the surprises from the Pandemic
  • While not anything like being there in person, I felt a part of the community and able to share in its life Sunday
I expect to see you all in person on Sunday, but this brief hiatus of enforced Zoom use reminded me again of the value of this ministry.

Nick Kecskes (sounds like "catch-case") has requested someone to spell him a bit this summer as our Zoom operator. Please consider stepping forward to assist with this valuable form of hospitality. While St. Timothy's puts the emphasis on sacramental participation, the need for a "squint" remains. Take it from me!

In Christ,


Friday, June 14: Basil of Caesarea, Bishop and Theologian, 379

  • Fridays are marked by acts of discipline and self-denial. If you wish to know more about the meaning of this practice and its benefits, please enquire with Fr. Brandon. 
Saturday, June 15: Evelyn Underhill, Theologian and Mystic 1941
+ 8 AM: Holy Eucharist (said). In-person.

+ 9 AM: Summer Bible Study (more info).

+ 9:50 AM: Godly Play and nursery open

+ 10 AM: Holy Eucharist (sung). In-person and online. 

+ Coffee Hour following the 10 AM Liturgy.
Monday, June 17: Marina the Monk, Monastic, 5th century
  • The parish office is closed on Monday.
Tuesday, June 18: Bernard Mizeki, Martyr, 1896
  • 10 AM: Crafts
Wednesday, June 19: Adelaide Teague Case, Educator, 1948
  • 10 AM: Rite I, in-person Holy Eucharist
Thursday, June 20: 

Prayer Requests from this Parish: Juanita Rivera, Barbara Knighton, Pamela Lyons Nelson, Charlean Clemons, Bonnie Bonham, Marilyn and Fr. Don Wilson, for all victims of warfare and violence abroad and at home, for Hoover School, and all teachers, students, graduates and families, Family Promise, Salem for Refugees, Mending Wings Youth Ministries, for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church meeting this summer in Louisville.

For Those with Birthdays Next Week: Joy Coulson, Chuck Kuhlman

For Those Preparing for Confirmation/Reception: Kerrie Harwood, Ian Macrae

In the Diocese of Oregon: Lincoln City, St. James

In the Anglican Communion: Anglican Church in Central America

Backup Zoom Operator
We are in need of someone to operate Zoom during the 10 AM service on occasions throughout the summer when our main Zoom operator, Nick Kecskes, is unavailable.  Training will be provided and it is very simple.  You do not need high levels of computer/tech savvy and no prior knowledge of Zoom is needed. Please contact the Parish Office if you would be willing to offer occasional help with this important ministry.  Thank you to Nick for overseeing this each week!
Flower Guild

The Flower Guild is looking for a volunteer to join them in their work of beautifying our worship space. The team picks up altar flowers weekly at the florist and arranges additional flowers throughout the church. They are scheduled on a rotating basis. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Pamela Filbert for more information.
You're Invited!
A 60th Birthday Party honoring Melynda Selden Kohl
Friday June 28th from 4 pm - 8 pm at the Dye House at Willamette Heritage Center.
Summer Bible Study begins this Sunday, June 16th
During the summer months, all interested adults are invited to a Bible study led by Nick Kecskes. The Summer Bible Study will meet at 9 AM in the adult study room.
St. Timothy’s Men’s Group 
The next meeting is on Thursday, June 20th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the home of Calvin Steck. Contact Ron DeWilde or Steve Cowgill for more information. Newcomers are always welcome!
Icon Exchange                                                
Sunday, June 30th after the 10 AM Liturgy

Do you have religious icons or religious art that you are no longer using or would like to pass along? Are you interested in some new icons to display in your home? On June 30th we will be having an icon-exchange in the narthex after the 10 AM liturgy.  We have a variety of donated religious art available to take home.  Parishioners are also welcome to donate their own items to be shared.
An Evening Prayer

O Lord, support us all the day long
till the shadows lengthen
and the evening comes
and the busy world is hushed
and the fever of life is over
and our work is done.
Then in your mercy,
grant us a safe lodging
and a holy rest
and peace at the last.

Source: John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

  Mission Statement of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
We gather to experience the Holy Trinity through Scripture, worship, study, and fellowship. Receiving and reflecting God’s love and grace, we are sent out to love and serve our neighbor, see the Christ in others, and share the Gospel by the example of our everyday lives.
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