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+ Holy Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at 8 AM and 10 AM. The 10 AM service is also shared via Zoom for those who are physically unable to attend in person.

+ Wednesdays there is an in-person Holy Eucharist at 10AM, using the traditional-language rite. This service is followed by tea and conversation in the parish library.

+ Current masking policy: All persons may wear a face mask as a health tool. Some persons (especially those in higher-risk groups) should wear a mask. However, no one must wear a mask. The parish provides good quality face masks for those desiring them. 

+ We have an upgraded HVAC air handling system to maximize the safety of our indoor environment.

+ We encourage vaccination for all eligible persons to prevent communicable disease at church or elsewhere.

+ Please contact the parish office for more information, and to be added to our Zoom invitation lists.

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Word from the Rector...

With gratitude
Let me begin by saying how grateful I am for the lovely surprise party on Sunday.  It is still a bit hard to believe that I have served as a presbyter for thirty years, but I certainly look the part (presbyter in Greek means elder). Your words, cards, and emails all have touched me deeply.  This is a trying time for so many people, and in my own family we are facing the painful reality of having to place a parent in memory care. Your kindness and understanding through this time means the world to us.  Sunday also showed once more how vital Coffee Hour is as a way to build community and share hospitality.  Thank you, everyone, for your week-by-week hosting of this gathering.

Thanksgiving with St. Paul's
Last week's Thanksgiving Eve service was beautiful and well-attended (St. Timothy's truly showed its gift for faithfulness in worship!).  It was a fine start to a series of shared events with our sister parish--the next event being this Saturday (see below).

Advent 2023
This beginning of the Church Year, Advent is a brief period of preparation for the Feast of the Nativity, as well as an annual preparation for Christ's final coming to us at the end of the ages.  It is a complex season, dealing with time, eternity, repentance, joy, hope, and expectation.  

On Saturday we will have a pre-Advent Quiet Day at the parish church, beginning at 9:30 AM (the doors will be open a bit beforehand).  This is a very Anglican way of entering into the spirit of the season, with a mixture of prayer, spoken meditations on the season led by Fr. Simon and myself, silence, readings, and opportunity for spiritual conferences with the clergy.  There is no cost to this event, and please do bring your lunch.  You don't have to stay the whole day.

Advent Sunday services will begin with the Great Litany--our most in-depth form of communal supplication to God.  This is particularly important in the current climate of warfare, terrorism, anxiety, and a general sense of helplessness. Let us pray especially for the end of the slaughter of innocents in Palestine, Ukraine, Darfur, Burma, and so many other places, especially those places in which our own nation has a major role.  

After the 10 AM Eucharist, please come over to the Parish Hall and enjoy an Advent brunch, with greenery and other items available for making Advent wreaths. Backpack Buddies will also be packed up on Sunday morning.

In addition to the various Advent materials available in the narthex, you might want to make an Advent rule that emphasizes quiet, simplicity, and less noise while prioritizing quiet forms of mercy, justice, and beauty.

Rector's Advent Retreat
I will be away Monday through Wednesday on retreat,  If you have an emergency, please contact the parish office or Fr. Bryant.  I am grateful for this opportunity for silence, reflection, and prayer.  It is one of two silent retreats I take a year (the other being in or around Lent).

A blessed Advent to you,


Thursday, November 30: Saint Andrew the Apostle

  • 7 PM: Choir Rehearsal

Friday, November 1: Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon, 1637

  • Fridays are marked by acts of discipline and self-denial.
Saturday, November 2: Channing Moore Williams, Missionary Bishop in China and Japan, 1910
  • 9:30 AM - 3 PM: Advent Quiet Day
  • Prayers for those who have died are traditionally offered on Saturdays. 
+ Sunday, December 3rd: First Sunday of Advent

+ 8 AM: Holy Eucharist (said). In-person.

+ 9 AM: Adult Study.

+ 9:50 AM: Godly Play & nursery open

+ 10 AM: Great Litany & Holy Eucharist 
(Sung). In-person & online

+ Advent Sunday “Cinnamon Roll Brunch” following the 10 AM Eucharist with Advent Wreath-Making— bring your own wreath form if you have one!

+ Packing boxes for Backpack Buddies will also take place after/during the Brunch.
Monday, November 4: John of Damascus, Priest and Theologian, c. 760
  • The parish office is closed on Monday
Tuesday, November 5: Clement of Alexandria, Priest and Theologian, c. 210
  • 10 AM: Crafts and Conversation
  • 7 PM: Women's Bible Study (online)
Wednesday, November 6: Nicholas of Myra, Bishop, c. 342
  • 10 AM: Rite I, in-person Holy Eucharist. 
  • 7 PM: Catechumenate, on Zoom (more info)

Prayer Requests from this Parish: John and Judy Sullivan, Charlean Clemons, Kerrie Harwood, Howard and Pat Klopfenstein, Larry and Sue Bergquist, St. Timothy’s Church (Brookings), Brookings City Council, Peace in Israel and Palestine, Ukraine, and for all victims of warfare and violence abroad and at home, Family Promise, Salem for Refugees, Mending Wings Youth Ministries
For the Departed: Dan Van Otten, Lyn Erovick
For Those who Mourn: Carolyn Van Otten and family; Karla Erovick and family
For Those with Birthdays this Coming Week: Fr. Bryant Bechtold
In the Diocese of Oregon: St. Luke’s by the Sea, Waldport
In the Anglican Communion: The Church of North India

+ The Advent resource table is set up with many offerings in the narthex.

+ Advent Quiet Day, Saturday Dec 2, 9:30 AM - 3 PM. This will be a dedicated time of focused contemplation and prayer, led by Fr. Simon Justice from St. Paul’s and Fr. Brandon. Our day will begin with a said Eucharist, followed by a pattern of meditations and periods of silence during which you may read, pray, write, enjoy silence, or meet with a priest for spiritual conversation. 

+ Advent Sunday Brunch is this Sunday in the Parish Hall following the 10 AM Eucharist. Advent wreath supplies will be available, with time and space to make yours.

+ Adult education study will be spending time with some 17th century poetry in the book Advent with Anglican Poetry, a daily devotional for the season. The book will be provided for anyone who wishes to make this Advent journey with us.

+ St. Nicholas Sunday, December 10 (Second Sunday of Advent). We will have a renewed focus on St. Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Children at the 10 AM liturgy. This is also when we will receive and bless the toys collected for distribution by Church at the Park to families experiencing homelessness.

+ Advent confessions will be available on Saturday, December 16, from 1-3 pm at the church.

+ "Greening of the Church" following the 10 AM Eucharist on December 17th. All are invited to help with this jolly activity. A pub-style meal will be served to those who stay after to help out by way of thanks.
From the Rector's Blog

A post from Fr. Brandon about some spiritual implications of a week we don't always have:

As we end November and approach December the civil and church calendars coexist in a somewhat unusual manner in the U.S.  Often, Thanksgiving Day is the immediate herald of Advent, but November has five Thursdays this year (Thanksgiving currently is the fourth Thursday of November, not the last Thursday of the month), and this gives a longer-than-usual gap between the culmination of the fall and the start of the Church’s preparation for Christmas—time available for consideration and use in the spiritual life.


Bishop Akiyama's Statement on the US Department of Justice
Statement of Interest in the Brookings Lawsuit
November 22, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,
Yesterday, the United States Department of Justice filed a statement of interest in our lawsuit against the City of Brookings. The press release cites their belief that the city’s restrictions on St. Timothy’s feeding ministry have “substantially burdened [our] religious exercise under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalize Persons Act (RLUIPA).”
Almost two years ago, the diocese filed a complaint against the City of Brookings on behalf of St. Timothy Episcopal Church in Brookings. Despite the spiritual and financial demands of this action, we remain grounded in our faith and call to serve Christ in all people. We believe our right to religious expression by fulfilling the Gospel call to serve the hungry and outcast is protected by the Constitution. We welcome the DOJ’s interest in our lawsuit and join numerous other religious organizations who are fighting the suppression of religious expression in order to continue serving those in need.
Please pray for all who are involved with this lawsuit, for Father Bernie and the St. Timothy community, and most importantly, for those who are comforted by the good and faithful work of the feeding and hospitality ministry of St. Timothy Episcopal Church in Brookings.
In Christ’s Peace,
The Rt. Rev. Diana D. Akiyama
Bishop, Episcopal Church in Western Oregon


Catechumenate begins on December 6 and we invite anyone at St. Tim's to join us.  We meet Wednesdays 7 to 8 pm on Zoom.  We start with prayer and then focus each week on the prior Sunday's readings. 

This is the time for anyone who wants to be baptized or confirmed next year to start this process by joining our group.  Our  bishop will confirm and also officially receive people into this branch of Christ's Church or simply witness your reaffirming your Baptismal vows if you are already confirmed and feel called to do that.

We also welcome anyone who would simply like to journey with us and be a part of our discussions and prayer.  Please let me know so you can get a Zoom invitation.  We begin on December 6, but we are glad to include you later if you don't get this information by then.

Please feel free to journey with us this year.

Mike McFetridge
Email address:

 Family Promise
Thank you to the volunteers last week for helping out during our Family Promise rotation:  Vickie Apollonio, Pamela Filbert, Steve Cowgill, Ron DeWilde, Gail Steck, Johanna Dakopolos and Dale Cannon. 

We have a second rotation this winter for two days in December (Tuesday Dec 19th and Wed Dec 20th) and we need two meal providers.  If you want to team up with someone and split the meal duties, we can match you with someone.  The rest of the duties are filled already.  Please see Steve Cowgill for additional information. 
Christmas Services
Christmas is one of the Seven Principal Feasts of the Church Year, when all Episcopalians who are able to do so are to share in worship together.
Carols & Midnight Mass
Sunday December 24th
Carols in the Nave, 10:30 PM
Midnight Mass, 11 PM

Christmas Day Eucharist
Monday December 25th, 11 AM
Christmas Eve will be a special celebration. You might think of inviting someone you know who would like to experience something new at Christmas this year, or begin making Christmas Eve a part of your observance if you have not done so before. All ages (we do mean all) are invited.
Spanish Language Immersion Course
Since 2015 the Anglican Diocese of Cuernavaca has offered a two-week Spanish language immersion program for groups from various dioceses in the Episcopal Church, including the Diocese of Oregon. The program for our diocese in 2024 will be held from August 3-17, 2024, as always at their diocesan center in Cuernavaca, Mexico. This program is open to students of all levels - from those with very little or no Spanish to more advanced students wanting to zero in on the subjunctive or reflexive verbs.
+ At the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Timothy our Patron, and all the Holy Saints of God, may you be strengthened for service, showing forth the glory of God in all you do, think, and say.  Amen.
  Mission Statement of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
We gather to experience the Holy Trinity through Scripture, worship, study, and fellowship. Receiving and reflecting God’s love and grace, we are sent out to love and serve our neighbor, see the Christ in others, and share the Gospel by the example of our everyday lives.
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