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+ Holy Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at 8 AM and 10 AM. The 10 AM service is also shared via Zoom for those who are physically unable to attend in person.

+ Wednesdays there is an in-person Holy Eucharist at 10AM, using the traditional-language rite. This service is followed by tea and conversation in the parish library.

+ Current masking policy: All persons may wear a face mask as a health tool. Some persons (especially those in higher-risk groups) should wear a mask. However, no one must wear a mask. The parish provides good quality face masks for those desiring them. 

+ We have an upgraded HVAC air handling system to maximize the safety of our indoor environment.

+ We encourage vaccination for all eligible persons to prevent communicable disease at church or elsewhere.

+ Please contact the parish office for more information, and to be added to our Zoom invitation lists.

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+ Alleluia. Christ is risen!

Word from the Rector...

Pentecost: Feast of a Free Life

The language surrounding the Holy Spirit in sacred scripture is often energetic: a rush of wind, the sound of many waters, the flame of fire.  Yet, the Spirit is also described in terms of almost immovable strength: Advocate, Truth. Finally, the Third Person of the Trinity is often referred to in gentle terms: as Comforter and Spirit of Peace, or symbolized by a dove.

All of this tells us that the Holy Spirit, given to the Church on the Day of Pentecost, cannot be pigeon-holed (dove-holed?) and is free.  The varied language about the Spirit points to the essential freedom we receive by our baptism -- a freedom which always points to Christ and the Jesus Way of life found in the Gospel, yet must never be tied to a particular narrow viewpoint, agenda, or ideology.

It is this freedom which we celebrate on Whitsun (the day's other name in our tradition).  Far beyond being merely a "freedom from," this is a "freedom to" -- the freedom to love and serve as Christ loves and serves.  This day, then, completes the meaning of the Resurrection on Easter Day by connecting each of us through the Holy Spirit to the everlasting victory of Christ over sin and death.

It is precisely this form of life that each Eucharistic community (what we call a parish) is meant to live and bring to the world around us.  Our Pentecost celebration will include the manifestation of the Spirit's power with the Gospel proclaimed in multiple tongues, the Spirit's gentleness through kindly fellowship, and the Spirit's advocacy in a "Whit walk" after our Cheese Reception -- when we walk to places in our neighborhood which especially merit prayer, showing the active nature of our faith.

I invite you (and any guests you bring) to share in this culminating day of Easter, and to renew your commitment to a spirit-filled life of love, praise, and service as we "go forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit."


Thursday, May 25: Bede, Priest and Historian, 735

Friday, May 26: Augustine, First Archbishop of Canterbury, 605
  • There is no fasting during Eastertide
Saturday, May 27: 
  • Prayers for those who have died are traditionally offered on Saturdays.  
+ Sunday, May 28: 
Day of Pentecost; Whitsunday

+ 8 AM: Holy Eucharist (said). In-person.

+ 9 AM:
Adult Study (in-person). This is the last week of Adult Study before a break for summer. 

+ 10 AM: Solemn Procession and Holy Eucharist (sung). In-person and online. 

+ Cheese reception following the 10 AM liturgy 

Wear red for pentecost!
Monday, May 29: 
  • The parish office is closed on Monday
Tuesday, May 30
  • Women's Online Bible Study is on break for the summer
Wednesday, May 31: The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 7 PM: Holy Eucharist and Confirmation
+ Pentecost +

+ One of the 7 Principal Feasts of the Church Year, this day concludes the Great 50 Days of Easter and celebrates the giving of the Holy Spirit to the Church. 

+ The Gospel passage (this year, John 20:19-23) is read in as many languages as possible. Please tell the parish office if you are willing to read this passage at either of the day’s Eucharists.

+ The color red is traditionally worn by those attending this service.

+ The Coffee Hour following the 10 AM liturgy will focus on various cheeses – a traditional Pentecost food of the English cultural heritage. Please bring a cheese to share.

+ Weather permitting, those desiring to do so may accompany Fr. Brandon on a post-reception “Whit Walk” (another practice for this time of year from our English heritage) to nearby points in our neighborhood in order to pray for our neighbors and the well-being of the community in which we minister.
St Timothy's Men's Group

The next St. Timothy’s Men's Group meeting will be a special one, we are meeting at "Bonaventure at Keizer Station" and the address is 5525 McLeod Ln. NE. Keizer.  Hope to see you all at the next meeting Thursday May 25th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  Further details regarding menu and exact location at Bonaventure will follow in our group text/emails.  Get in touch with Rick Herrin or Steve Cowgill if you have any questions.
Bishop’s Visitation and Confirmation
Wednesday, May 31, 7 PM

This will be our official Visitation by Bishop Diana for the year, and this joyous occasion will include the Confirmation of Karla Erovick.

Plan to come and support Karla, and spend the evening together with the Bishop and your St. Timothy’s Parish family. Cards and notes for the Confirmand are always appropriate. A reception will follow the Liturgy.
Coming Conversations on the Parish Hall Remodel Project

After getting some rough estimates about costs from a variety of contractors, the next step in the remodel process is the decision to have plans drawn up for soliciting official bids on this project.  These plans will require a major financial commitment.  In order to make this decision wisely, the Vestry and Remodel Committee want to hear from you. 

The Vestry and Parish Hall Remodel Committee will be available at 9 AM and following the 10 AM Eucharist on June 4 & 11 to share current information about the remodel project, take your questions, and listen to any thoughts you might have. Please consider dropping in for one or more of these sessions. Next week's e-Tidings will also have a brief refresher and more details on the current status of the project.
Prayer Requests from this Parish: Fr. Tom Cartwright, Loretta Enfinger, Julie Pannell, St. Timothy’s Church (Brookings), Peace in Ukraine and for all victims of warfare and violence abroad and at home, Family Promise, Salem for Refugees, Mending Wings Youth Ministries.

Preparing for Confirmation: Karla Erovick

Those who have died: Mimi Selden

Those who mourn: Melynda Kohl

In the Diocese of Oregon: Christ Church, Lake Oswego

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer: The Extra-Provincial Churches
+ A Pentecost Prayer +

O God, may the fire of the Holy Spirit burn up the dross in our hearts, warm them with love, and set them on fire with zeal for your service. Amen.

St. Timothy's Parish Office Hours:
 Tuesday-Friday, 9 AM - Noon; 1 PM - 3 PM

Rector's Days Off:
Fridays and on Saturday mornings
Please contact Fr. Brandon on his days off if you have an emergency.

Parish Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7416; Salem, OR 97303
  Mission Statement of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
We gather to experience the Holy Trinity through Scripture, worship, study, and fellowship. Receiving and reflecting God’s love and grace, we are sent out to love and serve our neighbor, see the Christ in others, and share the Gospel by the example of our everyday lives.
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